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Digital Assists provides you the power to sell digital products, without any hassle or day to day management.

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Downloadable Digital Assets

Whenever your products are sold we'll automatically deliver a secure link to your customer. It doesn't matter if you sell 1 or 100,000 products a day - everything is automated and there's no daily management required. We do not add code to your theme or slow down your store in any way, just fast and reliable!

We have created this app to be your go-to for all digital products on Shopify. We have many features available to keep your store safe and reliable. With the ongoing subscription we are able to fund new features!

  • FREE plan with a massive 2GB of storage!
  • Send customer downloads emails using your own email address.
  • Upload any file size within your plan limit.
  • Add download links in customer's accounts using one click of a button.
  • Add download links on the 'Order Summary' page.
  • Product variants are supported.
  • Fraud protection (halt the automated download email if fraudulent).
  • Attach multiple files to a product or variant.
  • Upload and sell any file type.
  • Replace files and send updates to customers.
  • Upgrade, downgrade and cancel at anytime.
  • We take no commission.
  • Use your own server Amazon S3 (S3 compatible object storage) server or use our servers.
  • File protection (limit downloads per file, set access to expire after a chosen number of days, automatically remove access if order is refunded).
  • Files can be attached to physical products without affecting fulfilment status, easily allowing you to sell files bundled with a physical product.
  • Intelligent automatic fulfilment of Shopify orders.
  • Bandwidth and download tracking.
  • We do not slow down your store in any way.

Easily migrate from other Digital Download apps

Easily import all previous orders and re-send download links if required, creating a smooth transition.

Fraud protection

We have integrated with Shopify's fraud system, allowing complete control over download emails. Receive notifications when an order is flagged, and halt the automated download email.

Preview of orders screen with fraud analysis
Fraud analysis for each order with email dispatch status.

File download analysis

With our advance tracking of downloads you'll have complete control. See how many times a file has been download and total bandwidth used per order. We also provide you with granular traffic report for each download.

Preview of order screen with file analysis
File download analysis

We also provide you with the ability to resent a download link to a customer and update their email address.

File upload

With our cutting-edge file uploader we send your files directly to Amazon's S3 servers. This removes the double handing of data and allows for much faster transfer speeds! Not to mention this removes the middle man in traditional uploaders, thus less moving parts and less chance of things going wrong!
Did we mention we allow you to use your own S3 server!

Preview for file uploader
File uploader ‐ directly to our servers

Everything you need to get up and running

Our app is all you'll need to keep your digital products secure. We use Amazon's servers for the most reliable delivery and security. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need any more information or setup requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also see our FAQ if you need some more instant answers.

Custom Plans Available

We can tailor a custom plan to fit your business needs.

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